Terms & Conditions

MyHealthData App is intended exclusively for the purpose of personal health data management by individual users. JVS does not have access to any information that you as a user input to the App. This information resides on your device only, unless you choose to share the information using Sharing function. Any subsequent collection of personal health and medication information by third parties with whom you choose to share this via email or otherwise, and any protection and safeguarding of that information you have shared with the third party, is under that party's exclusive control.

This application is for personal health records and medication information management purpose only. You should not rely on this application alone to remember to take your medications.

JVS Group and MyHealthData App does not provide any monitoring of your medications dosage or intake. It is your responsibility to take your medication as prescribed.

You should backup your information on another source, in case of loss or theft of your device.

This application does have the ability to detect drug interaction or side effects. You should take advise of your own health care providers for this information.

You should keep your devices and App password protected all the time to ensure your Health Data is secured in case of theft or loss of your device.